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NEW YEAR 1-1-08
Mexico 12-4-07
Seattle 11-8-07
Marina and Gracjan
WY UT 9-12-07
Michele e Paola
New York-5/8/06-
Mikes visit to Guadalajara, MX. 12/7/2007

Our trip to Oregon and Washington. 11/8/07

Gracjan and Marinella
Alcune foto dello sposalizio di Gracjan e Marinella.
October 2 2007

With Mayra on vacation in Utah and Wyoming
September 12 2007

San Francisco
A trip we took to San Francisco with Deanna
July 22 2007

Michele e Paola
Alcune foto della visita in California di Michele e Paola Chirco. Sposati
Giugno 30 2007

Pictures from the visit of the Da Silva family.
June 2007

Anthony and Sara
June 2nd 2007

Some pictures of
our trip to Paris.
May 2007

Easter Dinner at the Chirco residence.
Aprile 8 2007

Costa Rica
Marks trip to Costa Rica for his friends wedding
March 2007

Italian military transport. 1958 Lancia CL51-

Christmas /-New Year pictures from December 06 to January 2007

New year 2007 dinner with Marie and friends .

Happy New Year Everyone--(A.C.N.)-- (January 1th 2008)
It seems like yesterday we where celebrating the arrival of 2007 and here we are celebrating a new year once again, 2008 this time. Well the more of those celebrationg we are able to be part of the more we should be thankful, be they birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and yes, todays special event, the arrival of new year 2008.Those events that come our way should be celebrated for the ones we have left is unknown and definately limited. Today we welcomed the new year in company of some frinds and some family members, although I am fortunate this year to have everyone here, we miss nevertheless the presence of neices, nephews and their new husbands/wifes. I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR.

Guadalajara, Mexico. --(M.C.N.)-- (December 4th 2007)
Today Mike chirco got a new perspective of our neigbor to the south where he got to attend a graduation ceremony in Guadalajara MX. He was invited by Ruby and mom, Carmen who where traveling there to join the celebration. It seems to me that Mike liked the place and the people so much that he plans to make some return trips. He is grateful to Ruby, Carmen and family in Guadalajara for the experience and reception he received.

Cinisi, Italia. --(G.A.M.N.)-- (October 2 2007)
Congratulations Marinella and Gracjan.
I am happy today to once again be in Sicily, this time for the wedding ceremony and celebration of Marina and Gracjan. Once again I, along with Mikey, Daniela, Valeria and other from outside of Italy are getting together with family and friends from Cinisi to help make this a happy and memorable experience. We all wish the newlywed a happy and long life together. We would also like to welcome Gracjan and family to be part of our family.

St. George, UT. --(N.M.N.)-- (September 12 2007)
I finally started out with Mayra on our trip to Yellowstone. I had planned on this a long time and we are finally on our merry way. We are presently at the Hampton Inn in St George Utah and have visited several interesting sites. The St. George LDS Temple and visitor center along with the Brigham Young Winter home in St. George are all very interesting and informative. The Town of St. George is set among reddish colored mountains and cliffs that give it a unique and beautiful characteristic. Tomorrow we leave for Salt Lake City. September 13 2007. Today in Salt Lake City we are at the SpringHill Marriott, we have already seen may sites including the LDS Temple, the Beehive House, home to Brigham Young, some of his twenty one wifes and a few of his 52 children. We also toured the Assembly Hall on Temple Square and got to hear a practice performance by the Mormon Tabernacle quire and a group of talented children from China, Very inspirational. Among the things I really was inpressed by was the Genealogy Research Center, there they have millions of genealogical records from all over the world and I was able to find there all birth, death and marriage records of everyone in Cinisi from 1821 to 1894, I did not have more time to continue looking but plan to do so in the future. I admire a people so dedicated to collecting ancestral records and share them with all who are interested. We also visited the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone in Wyoming and on the way back we stopped at the Zion National Park in Utah

Downey, CA. --(M.P.C.N.)-- (July 16 2007)
Congratulations, Auguri, and Welcome to
Southern California Michele and Paola Chirco.

Michele and Paola, after many years of commitment to one another have finally married on June 30th 2007. The newlyweds have visited some carabbean islands and are now on the final leg of their honeymoon in California. Once again congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Michele and Paola Chirco. we all wish both of you a long and happy life together.

Downey, CA. --(N.A.C.N.)-- (June 17 2007)
We are happy today to welcome in our home, Nelson, Cassia, Gabriela and Jessica DaSilva along with segnora Aurelia. Our Bazilian friends of many years will spend some time with us so that we and our kids can get reaquainted. We hope they find their stay here a happy and memorable experiance. The DaSilva Family has traveled south from their home in Oregon to participate in a wedding in San Jose' California, from there they continued south to visit family and frinds in Souther California. Either that or they are looking for excuses to get away from the weather in Oregon.

Huntington Park, CA. --(M.D.E.N.)-- (March 10th 2007)
Although I have never been a member of any military, I have today had the opportunity to see what it is like to ride shotgun in an Italian military troop transport, a 1958 CL51 Z20 fully functional and registered lancia. This experience was provided by Massimo Degli Eredi, a friend who I first met at Huntigton Park High school some 38 years ago, lost trach of him for may years and thanks to a visit he made to Deanna's office was once again able to get in touch with my friend from Rocca del Mezzo. Massimo is also the proud owner of this and other fine Italian automobiles.

Downey, CA. --(M.C.N.)-- (February 23 2007)
I admit it, I do not understand it.
Today Mark called from the YMCA and asked to be taken to the emergency department at Downey Community Hospital, he had torn some ligaments ( according to the medical-report ) on his left knee while playing basketball with friends and other aquaintances. I understand that part, and also the need for surgery to repair the torn/damaged ligaments, the difficult thing for me to comprehend is his reasoning that with the operation he will be able to go play basketball again, and possibly once again cause more damage, possibly more severe than this time... Simple parental concern.. that is all.

Cinisi, Italy--(M.C.N)--(February 4 2007)
It seems that International travel is getting more complicated. Yesterday Mike left for Italy once again after a long absence of nearly five months and a separation from Fabiola of nearly two months, he is on his way back to Cinisi. It seems however that the return trip was not to be a smooth one, a delay from LAX caused a missed connecting flight in Newark, New Jersey. There he was given Hotel accomodations by the airline and is skeduled to depart tomorrow the 5th. of February on a Continental flight to Rome. We all hope the remainder of his flight is a smooth and uneventful one. Althow an interesting topic of conversation, such delays during long trips can be quite exhausting. At any rate, I am having a sleepless night waiting for the outcome of this flight.

Downey, CA.--(A.C.N.)--(December 31 2006)
Another year is almost gone, leaving us with thoughts of what has been and what could have been. In looking back over the past twelve months I reflect on many happy experiences as well as some sad events. I am also grateful for a healthy and happy family that I hope continues to grow, healthy and prosperous. Our trip to Michigan for Vitina's graduation, to New York to do some sightseeng and the trip to Italy for Michael and Magda's wedding where all fun and enjoyable events. Among people we are happy to have come to know is Nicole Ferrari, Marks girl friend, and Fabiola Catarinicchia Mike's girlfriend, both wonderful and beautiful girls that have captured our hearts. We look forward to seeing more of them in the coming year. As We leave 2006 and welcome the New Year we look forward with hope for a continuation of the joiful events and a resolution to the many conflicts that have caused so much suffering around the world...Am I asking too for much? I hope not.

Downey, CA.--(C.F.N)--(November 9 2006)
Welcome to California, Mamma and Fabiola
Today, mamma arrived back in California after spending the last couple of months in Cinisi. She and Fabiola "Mike's girlfriend" arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport after an especially difficult and long trip through Rome, Amsterdam, where they spent the night and then Paris. Fabiola is in California for the first time and we hope she finds her trip here a favorable experience. We "and Mikey" look forward to showing her some of the interesting and beautiful places California has to offer and make her trip a happy event.

Whittier, CA.--(A.C.N.)--(October 14 2006)
Dinner at Deannas. Yesterday October 14th we dined over Deanna's house. "Although this article would be more appropriate for the culinary section of my site, I have chosen to include it in the main page due of the unusually good time we had and the quality of the dining experience, also because I do not have a culinary section." I can truly say that I was proud of the job she did in preparing the meal "Pasta Milanese with potatoes and desserts." Mike prepared some meat in the BBQ, Nicole brought some pine nuts and everyone else helped with the dishes, cleanup, etc. Afterwards we played a few rounds of blackjack and watched TV. The Dinner was attended by: Mike, Mayra, Nancy Ramos and son along with Deanna, Nicole Ferrari and me.

Whittier, CA.--(A.C.N.)--(September 10 2006)
Back home after a short vacation
The only negative to our vacation is that it was too short. I was however able to once again see most of my family and spend some time with friends I had not seen in a long time. We got to see some interesting places in Sicily, places I had not seen before, thanks mainly to Salvatore and Rosa Evola who where always ready to accompany and advice us on places to see and enjoy, places of both historical and natural significance and beauty. My entire family along with Nicole where also invited to dinner by Vittorio at his "l'abbeveratoio" where we spent the evening dining and ejoing the company of his entire family. I am grateful to Vittorio for getting our families together to get our kids to know each other. My special thanks to my sister in-law Fanny who gave us her fully furnished guest house and did all she could to make our stay in cinisi as confortable and pleasant as possible. one other thing, we also got to meet Fabiola's family and we can all truly say that they are all among the most amicable and welcoming people we have met. I need to thank also Chirco Michele "l'ingegnere" for putting his office at my disposal and helping my son Mark Anthony and his girlfriend resolve some problems they had relating to their visit to Catania.

Manhattan, New York (A.C.N.)--(May 8 2006)
I now understand New Yorkers fascination with NEW YORK especially Manhattan. I spent 4 days there and I also came to think that it must be one of the greatest cities on earth. The beauty of Central Park, the great views from the Empire State building and the pace of life on the streets all combine to give the city its many unique and amazing qualities. We also went on a tour at the site of the WTC and took a trip to Ellis_Island, where I found the records of my grandfather's trips to the US in 1905 and in 1923 from Le Habre, France to New York aboard the SS Suffren. There where many things that made my trip a truly unforgettable experience and one that I hope I can soon repeat.
I almost forgot, we also got to see a Broadway show "Beauty and the Beast", the show was great but if I had more time I would have liked to also see "Phantom of the Opera".