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Fanni in Calif
Fanni anf Fam in Calif
December 10th 2009

Deanna's Wedding
December 5th 2009

Deanna's Wedding Shower
November 17 2009

With Deanna in Arizona's
Salado and Sinagua cultures
November 12 09

Mike 32nd
Mikes b-day 2009

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San Francisco
October 29 2009

Breakfast at Deanna
October 24 2009

Trip to Mesa Verde
September 30 2009

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Las Vegas NV
August 22/24 2009

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My back yard
July 2009

Julian/San Diego
July 18/19/09

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Valeria, Salvo and Fanny's
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Baptism of Domenic Saab
May 16 2009

The USS Midway
May 15 2009

Getty Villa
April 2009

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Brave or reckless
March ? 2009

Getty Villa
The Getty Villa
March 8 2009

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A ride up the California Coast
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California Missions
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New Year
December 31 2008

David and his Rocinante --December 10th 2009--
In the book, Travels With Charley, John Steinbeck describes with pride his "Rocinante" a V6 pickup truck with a camper on top, as the best vehicle for traveling and the envy of all who admired the inside accommodations. Well, I have parked in front of my home, David's Rocinante, more than two times bigger than Johns and loaded with enough electronics and conveniances to make John green with envy, especially since he probably would not be able to recognize most of the electronics on board. Another feature of Daves Rocinante, I believe is its' ability to bring tears of joy to every gas station owner along its path. Another positive is that I've got to know some of my neighbors who also own motor homes and wanted to congratulate me on this fine aquisition, I thanked them, since I did not want to spoil the goodwill it has been generating.

David and Deanna--December 5th 2009--
I understand intellectually that she is old enough and quite ready to move on and get married, What I'am having a hard time with is this idea that I'm supposed to give her away. She is and always has been much too precious to me to just give her away, but, last week I went on a trip with her to Arizona and I noticed with great dismay how her whole being lit up every time she called or received a call from Deanna. I must also say that I have had a chance to talk to and got to know Deanna and I believe him to be a sensitive intelligent and respectful young man who will do his darnest to provide for and care for my little girl. So I will give in, as if I had a choice, an will happily walk her down the aisle. I wish both of them a happy and long future together and happily welcome Dr. Dave Choi into our family.

November 16 2009
I just got to see, for the first time, Mikes new web site, I am impressed by how well put together it is. He just built the site and it makes mine look amaturish, from now on I'm going to ask him for suggestions on how to improve my site. Once again congratulations Mike, you did a great Job.

November 14 2009
MarkGallin Goodbye to Mark Gallin. Today I found out that our friend, Mark Gallin passed away, losing a battle against a very aggressive form of cancer. What I admired about him was the way he spoke of his family, his daughters, siblings and mother. We will miss his joking with Elisabeth during our sometimes long games of UNO with Art and Carola, also missed will be the plans we made to go see places never seen before. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Arizona, November 12 2009
Thanks to a dermatology conference Deanna is attending in Scottsdale AZ, I got to go along and visit some sites I have long hoped to see. The fist place I visited while Deanna was in her conference was Meteor Crater, after that I went to Walnut Canyon National Monument, then Montezumas Castle and Montezumas well near Sedona. November 13th I explored Pueblo Grande in Phoenix and Casa Grande a few miles south. My last stop of the day was The cliff dwellings of Tonto National Monument, it was a half mile steep climb, really got to wondering if I should really do this. Once on top however the place was amezing and the view breathtaking, I was happy to have made the effort. Saturday I went to see the Heard Museum, dedicated mostly to the naive cultures and heritage of the southwest.

San Francisco, October 29 2009

It seems that outside of Paris, France or any other place where French is spoken, Mayras most favorite place is San Francisco, you know, where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars, Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, etc..., so that is where she wanted to go for her sixtieth B-day and that is where we all are going for that big event and to celebrate her recovery from the medical problems she successfully overcame over the past few months.
I started out today 10/29/09 with Mayra and Mike, he will drive up with us and then fly Back with Deanna and Ninuzzu/Nino/Mark A. who will meet us on the 30th. We left Downey at about 2:00 PM on the 29th and between traffic, Lunch etc.. we got as far as Atescadero where we spent the night at the Best Western Colony Inn. Next day -Mayras Birthday- we fist stopped at the Mission San Miguel Arcangel off of HWY 101, it was closed and undergoing some kind of restoration, we went next to the old Mission San Antonio, founded by Father Junipero Serra and located inside Fort Hunter Liggett which makes the mission the most secure we have visited since we had to show DL, Vehicle registration, insurance verification and picture ID of every passenger before being allowed into the area. October 31st, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and a walk along North Beach, The streets, pac full of people of all ages in all sorts of costumes celebrating Halloween. November 1st, was mostly Golden Gate park and The California Academy of Science with the exhibit of a simulated rain forest, we could easily have spent the entire day there. On November 2nd we went to see the cable cars and then on north to Fort Ross and a ride along the Northern California coast. On the ride back we stopped at the San Luis Reservoir State Recreation Area and then at what turned out to be Mayras most enjoyable stop, the National Steinbeck Center where we toured the museum and purchased several of his well known books. I must say that I also enjoyed this stop and all the information provided at the Center.

Mesa Verde, September 30 2009
Today I started on a trip to see some of the ruins left by ancient North American cultures, Mesa Verde in Colorado is the first place I plan to see. I went with Bob Arrowsmith who was happy to go along and explore places never before seen by white men, well by neither of us anyway. We left at 7:00 AM and along the way, in Arizona we stopped at Wupatki National Park. Next stop was the Four Corners where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet, a nice marker surrounded by several mini shops, after this we went off to the famed Mesa Verde National Park where we finally got to see the cliff dwellings along with several other abondoned sites of the ancestors of the Anasazi and othe people of the four corners area.On they way Back we visited at the Arches National Park and Bryce National Park. Among the most scenic roads I have ever seen was SR12 though Utah which we took on the way back to California, it made the ride home a lot longer but we went though some of the most spectacular scenary I have ever seen. I would not mind going back.

Vegas & Valley of Fire, August 23rd 2009
This trip to Las Vegas was a great opportunity to sight see in the Valley of Fire, located about fifty miles from Vegas it was easy go go and return in less than a day. Mayra was not up to making the trip so I went solo. The Valley Of Fire State Park was first dedicated in 1935 and it is Nevada's oldest state park. It's colorful name derives from the spectacular red, orange and yellow sandstone formations that are exposed in abundance here. So I got to see most of the Park but would like to return one day to see some of the interesting formations and petroglypfs I did not get to see on this trip.

USS Midway, May 15th 2009
Thanks to Bill Sanches, today I met Joe Ciokon, Public affairs Officer on the USS Midway (CVB/CVA/CV-41). Joe was very accomodating and put himself at our disposal giving us a tour of the carrier complete with information about the ship and the planes aboard. It is clear that he loves his duties on board as well as the Navy. The Midway was an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, the lead ship of her class, and the first to be commissioned after the end of World War II. Active in the Vietnam War and in Operation Desert Storm, currently, she is a museum ship in San Diego, California known as the USS Midway Museum. She is the only remaining US aircraft carrier of the World War II era that is not an Essex-class ship. Midway was laid down 27 October 1943 by Newport News Shipbuilding Co., Newport News, Virginia. Her revolutionary hull design was based on what would have been the Montana class battleships and gave her superior maneuverability over all previous carriers. She was launched 20 March 1945; sponsored by Mrs. Bradford William Ripley, Jr.; and commissioned 10 September 1945, Captain Joseph F. Bolger in command. One other thing, thanks to Joe the tour not only had the personal touch of someone completely knowledgeable about the carrier but to top it off it was free. Thank Joe and Bill.

Mayra, March 18th 2009
The supraspinatus muscle tendon is often ruptured when it is involved in a sudden forceful movement like falling on your shoulder while working out on a treadmill at the YMCA. It is also the most commonly ruptured rotator cuff muscle. The muscle can also degenerate in the elderly leading to increased instability and loss of function at the shoulder joint.
I did not get a sudden urge to study the supraspinatus muscle, however, on January 6th 2009 at 11:30 AM Mayra did get a sudden urge to start working out on the treadmill at the YMCA, she fell, tore a tendon on her shoulder and so we all become somewhat knowledgeable on shoulder injuries. On March 13 09 Dr. Gambardella of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Center in Los Angeles did an operation on her to repair the tear. The week after surgery Mayra started shoulder therapy at the Downey Medical Center.
On May 13th I took Mayra to Dr. Frisher to check on a gradually swelling rt hand, he suggested hand movement and exercises to help blood circulation. On May 18th due to an increase hand swelling we visited Dr. Zimmel at Karlan-Jobe, He suggested decreasing aggressive hand movements since they might irritate the nervous system. May 27, The hand was getting worse and we visited Dr. Chavez in Downey. He was the First to suggest RSD and recommended some tests to check for RSD.
June 10th 2009. After visiting several doctors to diagnose a swelling on her right hand, today Mayra was diagnosed by a team of doctors at UCLA Medical center where they seem to agree that what she has developed is called, complex regional pain syndrome CRPS or RSD, Reflex sympathetic Dystrophy, and for such they referred us to another Dr. also at UCLA. It seems that a simple fall was not that simple after all. June 15th Mayra was seen by DR. Ezekiel Fink, M.D. at the UCLA RSD medical center in building 100 of UCLA Medical Plaza. Dr Fink will be giving Mayra a test, a sympathetic nerve block to see what effect it has on the pain and swelling of the hand, It is hoped that the nerve block will decrease the swelling and the pain. June 18 at the C.A.S.T. department of the UCLA medical center in Westwood, Mayra was given the stellate ganglion block and that same day we noticed a slight improvement on her ability to move the hand and elbow, we are hopeful that the improvement will continue.
June 22, due to a deteriorating ability to retain food, today we visit Dr. Kim at the Downey Regional Medical Center and on June 23rd through an Esophagogastro duodedumscopy and a colonoscopy he was able to diagnose the presence of gastritis and very significant Colitis. He did a biopsy to determine the type of Colitis and the best course to take and what medication would be best suited for treating the condition, for now Dr. Kim has prescribed Vancomycin. Hopefully a few more trips to the drugstore and we should be on the road to partial recovery. Full recovery? that would be better but I'll take it one step at a time. 6/26/09 Dr. Kim recommended continuing the use of Vancomycin and Lialda, we are still not sure of the effectiveness of either, yesterday was a good day, today it's one step back. Today June 29, Elsa and Deanna took Mayra back to DR. Ezekiel Fink as a follow up to the stellate ganglion block to see what next steps to take to control the CRPS that is causing so much discomfort.
July 2nd, per Dr. Fink recommendation we went to see Dr. Mihaela Taylor at the UCLA Santa Monica Rheumatology Center. Dr. Tayler expressed certainty that what we are dealing with is CRPS and told us to understand that this is a condition without a cure, OK. Dr. Tayler then went on to photograph and X-ray Mayras Hand, I suspect that since there is nothing she can do about it, then it must be for her record and not any medical benefit it can provide. Some of what she suggested was to read a book, to help with dealing with lifes changes, Calcium, Vitamin D and Calcitonin nasal spray to help with any possible bone density loss. Per Dr. Fink, on July 6th Mayra received another stellate ganglion block at the C.A.S.T. center in Westwood. July 8th, shoulder and hand therapy.
July 9th, another visit with Dr. Fink in Westwood. Along with Dr. Fink, Dr. Prager also visited Mayra, on first examining Mayra's hand he expressed doubt that it might be RSD and instead recommended a rheumatoid arthritis specialist, a DR. Bluestone. Mayra and Dr Fink said that previous test had eliminated Rheumatoid Arthritis as a possibility, but Dr. Prager still wants us to go to Dr. Bluestone because of his long practice in the hope that he has seen something like it. Part of the frustration and confusion I have is that after being seen by at least seven specialists at UCLA, we still do not have a definite label to put to what Mayra has, much less a treatment I feel confident will be effective. Another recommendation by Dr. Prager is to start using Neurostimulation Therapy to help with the pain? I did inform them that the pain was of minor concern in comparison to the stiffness and swelling of the hand but they said that the therapy might help with the other symptoms.
On a positive note, It seems that Mayra's ability to retain and digest food has greatly improved, heck she craves McDonalds food.
July 10th, Hand therapy in the morning followed by a bone density scan by Dr. Ragaa Z. Iskarous M.D. at the Osteoporosis Prevention Center in Downey revealed mild Osteopemia, after this it was back to the Downey therapy center for shoulder therapy.
July 13 We have a diagnosis?, Well it seems that Dr. Rodney Bluestone, Rheumatologist (Artheritis and related disorders), after a preliminary examination has determined that Mayra might have, in addition to RSD, a case of inflammatory artheritis, he did some blood tests and we ill get the results on Thursday. This seems more in line with explaining some of what we are going trough, he has recommended cancellation of the electrical stimulator test and hand therapy both of which I considered inconsistent to what she is experiencing. July 14th we are back with Dr. Tayler who agreed with Dr. Bluestone's diagnosis and recommended that we start using Humira to treat the symptoms of the arthritis that is affecting Mayra's hand.
July 17 2009 Deanna today took Mayra for a follow up visit with Dr. Bluestone in Beverly Hills. Dr. Bluestone seems convinced, after reading the X-ray and blood test, that what Mayra has is Colitic Arhritis and prescribed Preazone and to continue using Lyrica and Lialda. I hope we are getting close to fixing this problem. I am getting more medical information in the last couple of months than I had in my entire life.
July 20 2009. After therapy, Mayra went to the lab at Downey Comunity Hospital for more blood tests to make triple sure to see if possibly we are really dealing with Ulcerative Colitis which might be the cause of Colitic Arthritis. Some time ago I started feeling that I was getting lost along with all the medical professionals.
July 28 2009 Today we received a call from dr. Tayler, concerned that if Mayra does not start using the Humira she will not folow sound medical advice and that later it might be too late. Dr. Tayler believes that Dr. Bluestone is experienced but somewhat arrogant.
August 28 2009 Mayra has gradually improved over the last month to the point where today she reactivated the auto insurance and started driving again, Just in time it seems since I have apparently done some damage to some muscle in my lower back and am having difficulty driving.

Mark A. Bungee Cord Jumping, March ? 2009
I admit, there are many things I do not understand, like jumping out of a plane that is working properly and is not on fire, another one is traveling great distances so you can jump off of a bridge attached to a bungee rope. I know the thrill of watching the approaching rocks below as you plummet toward them at great speed is quite exhilarating, wait, no I dont, he must have lost his mind!. Mmmmm, is he attempting to impress someone? Same conclusion.

Getty Villa, March 8th 2009
Today with friends, Mark, Elisabeth, Arturo and Carola we visited an Identical copy of the Villa of the Papyri, a private house in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum, at The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. It is the second location of the Paul Getty Museum. The Getty Villa is an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. Etruria was a region of Central Italy, located in an area that covered part of what now are Tuscany, Latium, Emilia-Romagna and Umbria.

(PCH) February 25st 2009
I have for a long time wanted to ride up the California coast, ride Hwy 1(El Camino real) leasurelly up as far as the california redwoods in Northen California. I have driven, on work related matter (D.T.), as far as San Francisco, a ride I did in about seven hours, always in a hurry either to get to work or to get back home at the end of my assignment. Today I am with Mayra who is a great traveling companion and plan to take my time to see and enjoy some of the beauty, culture and history of our state. We started out with Mission San Buenaventura, Mission Santa Barbara and the pier, also in Santa Barbara, then to Solvang. Day 2- Today While Mayra rested I went to see Mission Santa Ynez in Solvang, then we went up to Mission San Luis Obispo and then to Morro Bay and up the Coast past San Simeon and Big Sur and on to Carmel. the scenary all along the coast was truly beautiful and I might return the same way insted of taking the much faster but less scenic Freeway 5 or 101. Day 3 we went to see Mission Carmel, the town of Carmel, 17 Mile Drive and the sunset at Pebble Beach, Carmel by the Sea.

(California Missions) February 1st 2009
Today with Mayra I visited Mission San Gabriel, the fourth mission in a series of 21 that started much of California's early European history. These Spanish Missions along California's El Camino Real ("The Royal Highway") represent the first arrival of non-Native Americans to California. Life for the California Native Americans was forever changed. In addition to Christianity, the missions brought many other things to California such as livestock, fruits, flowers, grains and industry. This was also the start of the civilization in which we live today. However, as a result of the arrival of the Spanish, many Native American lives were lost.February 14 we visited Mission San Fernando Rey de Espaņa, On the 16 we went to see Mission San Juan Capistrano with Nancy and her son David Ramos.

(Inauguration January 20th 2009)
Congratulations BARACK. When Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, he will be faced with a long to-do list so complex that neither he nor anyone else can easily resolve in one term. That said, I believe that his election has already had a monumental and positive effect on the way we and the world view race relations in the U.S., we and the world also see in him an new hope an a new way of dealing with the problems that have cast a dark shadow over the worlds future economic, environmental, political, and social challenges. Like I said, he has many daunting challenges in front of him. We wish him well. We wish him success, for his benefit and also for ours.

(January 1st 2009)
Well, we made it through another year and here we are in 2009. We welcomed the new year in the company of some friends and our family, well almost, Mark Anthony decided along with his cousin Anthony, to visit Arizona, Sedona, Grand Canyon and, whatever. We all welcomed the new year and hope it brings along with the new president, Obama, an improvement to the economic challanges facing this country and a just solution to the many international conflicts. Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, the India/Pakistani conflict, the common cold and Americas international image just to name a few. Once again, is this too much to ask for? If Obama can resolve at least some of those issues he will go a long way toward validating the high opinion his supporters both nationally and internationally have of him.

Happy New Year Everyone--(A.C.N.)-- (December 1th 2008)
Ok, I plan on 2009, if I get there I will write here.
I got further in better condition than I suspected I would
I am grateful for what I have, the health I enjoy the
family I have and the friends that enrich the life I live.
I could have done better but have done better than what I
used to fear. I am grateful for what I have.